FIRST EVENT: Workshops on “Knowledge Management for Food Innovation”. 25-26 October

SECOND EVENT: Scientific Congress on Food Innovation. 27-29 October

In both cases an unique main session will be held on Monday morning (25 October) and Wednesday morning (27 October). The rest of days, parallel sessions will be held.

Invited Lectures

Gustavo V. Barbosa Cánovas, Washington State University, USA
Non thermal processing of foods

Geoffrey Campbell-Platt, University of Reading, UK
Food Control, and why it matters

Amparo Chiralt Boix, Polytechnical University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain
Improvements in fruit preservation by using edible films/coatings containing lipids.

Alexandre Feigenbaum, EFSA, Italy
Scope of ESCO working group of EFSA on risk assessment of substances used to manufacture non-plastic food contact materials.

Paul Finglas, Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK
New insights into folate metabolism

Marta Hugas, EFSA, Italy
Assessment of Food safety from a regulatory perspective in the context of innovation

Pedro Fito Maupoey, Institute of Food Engineering for Development (UPV), Valencia, Spain
Food Engineering Innovation: Tools & Opportunities

Gustavo F. Gutierrez, National Polytechnic Institute, México
Macro, Micro and Nanostructures in Food Processing and Innovation

Thomas Haertlé, INRA, Nantes, France
Hypoallergenic lactic acid bacteria for reduced allergenicity in fermented foods

Dietrich Knorr, Technical Berlin University. Germany
Engineering tailor made foods

Javier Martí Sendra, Centre of Nanofotonics Technology (UPV), Valencia, Spain
Nanophotonics sensors in food: Innovative approaches

Antonio Mulet Pons, Polytechnical University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain
Food Process Innovation through new technologies: Use of Ultrasound

Brian McKenna, University College Dublin, Ireland
New developments in food science & technology in Europe -Where will we be by 2025?

Keshavan Niranjan, University of Reading, UK
Formation and Stability of milk foams formed by steam injection

Pingfan Rao, Institute of Biotechnology, Fuzhou University, Fujian, China
Natural Nanostructures in Functional Foods: Formation and Functions

Sam Saguy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Academia and food industry paradigm shift required for meeting innovation challenges

John Shi, Guelph Food Research Center, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada, Guelph, Canada
Nano (Micro)-emulsion Technology on Development of Functional Beverage

R.Paul Singh, Univertity of California, Davis, California, USA
Understanding Human Gastric Digestion in Quest for Innovative Foods for Healthy Benefits

Walter Spiess, Universitat Karlsruhe, Germany
The four thrust model to fight food insecurity in sub-Saharan-Africa, IUFOST’s new approach to strengthen food security

Fidel Toldrá Vilardell, Institute of Agrochemistry and food Technology (CSIC), Burjassot, Valencia, Spain
Innovations for healthier processed meats

Gilles Trystram, ENSIA, France
Modelling and food and food processes

Rickey Yada, University of Guelph, Canada
The Advanced Foods and Materials Network: A Canadian Portal to Excellence in Innovative Food Science and Technology